The Survey and Plans attachment:


  • Record of Survey map
  • Approved plans for approximately 3680 sq ft home plus 5 car garage
  • Site plan for home, garage and approximately 3 acres of vineyard
  • Standard septic system has been approved
  • All architectural and structural plans have been approved by the county and permits are ready to be issued


Water Analysis attachment (Sheets WU-1 &WU-2):


  • Prepared by CPM Engineering
  • Current water usage is more than adequate for the approximately 3 acres of vineyard, plus the house and garage
  • Without the house the usage would allow for approximately 5 acres of vineyard
  • Vineyard would need to be planted by 5-1-18


Crop Care Report attachment:


  • Crop Care Report indicates good soils for Bordeaux styles.


All the documents – geo-technical report, current well report, new well dowsing report, complete set of architectural and structural drawings, etc.- are available.

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